Sports Performance

Sports-specific training

Want a more personalized program that specifically focuses on the skills you need to excel in your sport? Our sports specific training program is offered in a small group or team training, or as private training. You and your coach in conjunction with a physical therapist will develop a progressive program to improve your strength, speed and agility for your sport. We put a heavy emphasis on building a strong foundation of movement patterns and sound technique so that you are more likely to succeed at your sport both physically and mentally.

We train you to perform; whether you’re part of a team or play an individual sport

Increase your performance
Sports science and smart training
We develop custom work outs that are specific to your sport and train you to achieve your goals
We design your work out around the sport you play
We offer training for: Baseball/Softball, Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Wrestling, Basketball, and Track & Field.
Team Sports
Become the leader of your team
Train to be a better teammate all around by increasing your strength, endurance, mobility, & agility with ELITE Strength and see what a difference it makes!
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