Private Training

If you want a more specific and directed experience, consider private training!

Prefer to train one-on-one with your coach?  Our private training is the answer.  Prior to starting with your coach, we will discuss your goals, medical and injury history, nutrition and lifestyle habits and your training history so we can develop a comprehensive and individualized program for you.  In addition, we offer a movement assessment to establish a baseline prior to commencing training.

Each personal training session covers a combination of the following: soft tissue, mobility, flexibility, muscle activation, strength training, and metabolic conditioning.

Personal Training Tailored To Your Goals

Uniquely You
One-on-one training tailored to your needs
Our personal training sessions are what sets us apart as a gym. We get to know you, design a training regiment that’s specific to your ability, goals and with your medical, injury and nutrition/lifestyle in mind.
You have our full attention
When we say personal training, we mean it. No sharing your trainer with someone else during your session; we focus on each client one at a time so we can help you achieve optimal results, consistently.
Continuous improvement
As you improve, we adapt
Our key to success as coaches is that we respond and adapt to your improvements over time by incorporating new exercises, increasing intensity/duration and making personal recommendations along the way.
Ready to transform your life but don’t know where to start?

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