Adult Training

All About Adult Training at Elite Strength & Performance

Our group classes for adults offer a balance of fun, challenging workouts and support from the trainers and other members.

We guarantee small class sizes and the individual attention needed to consistently improve your strength, agility, mobility and stamina in a safe and constructive environment.

What To Expect & How To Get Started

Feel powerful
Discover your true strength
If there is one consistent theme in our classes, it’s that our clients notice a real and lasting difference in their ability in every aspect of their lives.
Get fit, stay fit
Maintaining the routine can be hard alone
With our adult classes you aren’t alone anymore. Our trainers and your fellow attendees become your support network when you join ESP; and we’re with you 100%!
Build Confidence
The new you can do more
Increased strength and mobility opens activities and possibilities to you that may have once felt unattainable. See yourself in a new, more capable light!
Ready to transform your life but don’t know where to start?

We are here to help!
Fill out our easy form and we’ll get in touch with you quickly to assess your needs and get you started on your Elite Strength journey.