Meet Cheri

Meet Cheryl “Cheri” Christie

My Story

The Origins of Elite Strength & Performance

I have always been active and have taken care of my body throughout my life. Sometimes that included working out, but usually I maintained my fitness simply through the activities I engaged in and staying fit was simply a result of my active lifestyle.

However, as I got older I found it more and more difficult to stay fit; requiring more dedicated time and focus to ‘maintain’ as it were. I found myself feeling like most of my current clients actually!

I wanted to lose weight and be able to move, and FEEL BETTER! To walk up a couple flights of stairs without huffing and puffing; but to be honest what I really wanted above everything else was for the pain to stop so I could just feel normal. This is precisely the time when I first discovered the amazing, the versatile and the incredibly simple kettlebell and all that can be done with it.

Within a short period of time working with kettlebells as a primary tool, I not only lost 35lbs but also I started to feel significantly better. This is my “why”; the reason I do what I do is because it’s made me feel like myself again. So while most of my motivation is to share this discovery with others who have the same goals as me; some of my desire to open ESP in 2014 (and part of why we’re still open today) was purely selfish and I’m ok with that.

Not Your Average Gym

Does this sound familiar?

Most/all of the “trainers” I went to in the past had the same philosophy: Put your clients on as many machines as you possibly can to work out every muscle by lifting/pulling massive weights; then when they’re utterly exhausted make them do crunches until they’re about to puke, followed by the worlds most boring exercise machine… the treadmill!

I just knew there had to be a better way…

I was already a licensed physical therapist and a certified athletic trainer, but after my personal experience and incredible success working with kettlebells I decided to take the leap and become a kettlebell instructor as well and it changed my life.

Not Your Average Trainer

I’m not your average trainer and don’t want to be either!

Full disclosure — if you’re looking for “the average gym” and “the average trainer”, it’s best you head back to your Google search right now and find yourself another place to workout. That’s just not what we do here at ESP! I’m not your average trainer, nor do I want to be.

About Me:

  • I’m in my 50s
  • I have lived through and understand the ups and downs of losing weight and staying healthy as you age
  • I am a licensed physical therapist, a certified athletic trainer and a certified kettlebell instructor
  • I focus entirely on helping you reach your goals in a safe, efficient and effective manner

Still here? That’s great, I think we’ll get along. Let’s set up a FREE 20min consultation and talk about it!